In Thailand, the film was used as the educational tool from the very beginning. Prince of Kamphaengphet used films to train the army troop. After WWII, the Ministry of Education set up a department which later became Center for Educational Technology to produce and acquire educational films which the schools could borrow to use in the classroom.Unfortunately, as technology changed, using the analogue films in classroom gradually decreased the role as educational tools.

In 2019, the Thai Film Archive initiated the project to introduce the films back into the classroom by selecting 10 films from the film archive collections, mostly non-fiction, for teacher to use as a teaching tool in the classroom. The content of the selected films can be linked with the compulsory curriculum. The teacher can download the films along with the teacher’s manuals.

This presentation will cover the historical background of using the films as the educational tools in Thailand, our concept and methods to promote using the films in the classroom and in the end, the outcome and challenges, which can be used for the further development.

Nisanart Saithongkham

Program Coordinator
Film Archive (Public Organization), Thailand

Nisanart Saithongkham graduated the master degree in Learning Sciences and Education at Thammasat University. She has worked at the Film Archive (Public Organization) in Thailand as a program coordinator since 2014. She is responsible for organizing the School Cinema Project, Ten Films in Classroom Project and other educational activities including organizing masterclass, conferences and the training for youth, teachers and the general public.