Premiere: 25 August 1943
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Ákos Ráthonyi

Original length: 2452 m, 90 minutes
Lost film.

A spoilt young man, Kátay Miklós something of a weakling, becomes more of a man as a conscript. Menyhért, whom he has known for a long time, now a sergeant courting his woman cook, and Balázs, another draftee, are there to help him. Balázs becomes his friend. At first, he seems useless at any job he is assigned to in the barracks. On the front, however, where he serves as an ensign, he proves to be a brave man. Back home, his friend is expected by Éva, the homely niece of the colonel, while he himself is expected by an other Éva, the beautiful daughter of a retired colonel.

What makes it interesting?
Complex comedy in which a spoiled gentleman is inducted into the army. One of the box office hits of the year.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Takács Film Kft.
Writer: Jenő Horváth
Screenwriter: Géza Palásthy
Cinematographer: István Eiben
Cast: László Szilassy (Miklós Kátay), Gerő Mály (Menyhért), László Misoga (valet), Piri Vaszary (woman cook), Irén Pelsőczy (pretty Éva), Ilus Vay (homely Éva), Tivadar Bilicsi (Balázs), György Solthy (colonel), József Juhász, Ila Nagy, Ferenc Pethes, Piri Vaszary, Nándor Bihary, Sándor Fülöp, Gusztáv Vándory, Ferenc Pethes


Photo: the film's poster. Source: NFI