Premiere: 4 November 1939
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Emil Martonffy

Original length: 2494 m, 92 minutes
Lost film.

Lacking better opportunities, two talented but starveling musicians, Péter and Pál, first sign up with a Gypsy band and then they find work in a black ensemble. At the end of their contract, they once again find themselves on the street. By accident, they overhear that the women’s orchestra Dutch Tulips are looking for two musicians. They dress up in women’s clothes and are taken on. ‘Pierette’ and ‘Paulette’ both like Gabi, a member of the orchestra, and in order that they can pursue her, they occasionally switch back into men’s clothing. Gabi chooses Pál and Péter is comforted by another member of the ensemble, Mimi.

What makes it interesting?
This music comedy involving much switching of outfits preceded Some Like It Hot by 20 years.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Atelier Kft.
Screenwriter: Jenő Hajós
Cinematographer: Rezső Icsey
Cast: László Szilassy (Pál/Paulette), Sándor Pethes (Péter/Pierette), Alice Nagy (Gabi), Manyi Kiss (Mimi), Piri Vaszary, Ilona Dajbukát, Tivadar Bilicsi, Gusztáv Pártos, Ferenc Pethes, Lajos Köpeczi-Boócz