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The Tot Family Colour comedy-drama, Hungary – Zoltán Fábri, 1969
The Fifth Seal drama, Hungary – Zoltán Fábri, 1976
Captain of the Forest Hungarian animated festure film, directed by Attila Dargay, 1987. Digital remastering supervised by Irén Henrik D.O.P.
Bowler Hat and Red Nose Youth film, Hungary, directed by István Lauró Bácskai, 1978. Movie version made on the basis of the series nominated for television’s Oscar prize.
Gems of Hungarian Animation 48 animated short films; digitally remastered video and audio; with booklet
Personal photo album of director of Casablanca added to Film Archive collection The album containing 40 photographs, which it is thought Warner Bros. Studio made specifically for Michael Curtiz (Mihály Kertész), was gifted to the Film Archive by Linda Goldfarb, the director’s grandniece, who lives in California.
István Székely 120 (gallery)

István Székely, the leading Hungarian star director of the 1930s, was born 120 years ago. 

From Hyppolit to Hollywood – István Székely born 120 years ago His film Hyppolit the Butler triggered an unprecedented golden age of film in Hungary. Under his influence, comedy became the dominant genre in Hungarian filmmaking, but he actually also experimented with other genres and didn’t stop until he reached Hollywood.
Márta Mészáros' and Hanna Schygulla's talk at CHB (gallery)

Moderator: Jutta Brückner. Photo credits: Jannis Keil / Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
February 13, 2019.

What do the films of Márta Mészáros give the world? Introduction by Eszter Fazekas, digitalization and film restoration manager of the Budapest Film Archive, on the Márta Mészáros day organized in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 13 February 2019.
September 17-23, 2018. An eventful week The 1918 mid-September news are portraying an exhausted and tormented hinterland at the end of war. Once again, the main location is Budapest, but we also get to join the delegation of German journalist on their trip to Esztergom and Tátra.
October 22-28, 2018. The Revolution begins Hundred years ago, the night before the Aster Revolution broke out, politicians were running around in panic and people gathered at public events to give and listen to heartfelt speeches.
September 24-30, 2018. A disappointing match on Üllői út The week's most interesting report was about the opening of Gellért Bath, but we also get to witness the unveiling of a memorial, meet a member of the royal family and two popular actors.
Film encyclopedia and chronology for the 100 year old Aster (Chrysanthemum) Revolution EST news series reached the point for which these reels were actually preserved and became the most detailed material evidence of the first revolutionary event after 1919.
October 8-14, 1918. Calm before the storm From October, 1918 there were fewer Az Est film news. They no longer appeared on a weekly basis, and the subjects failed to reflect the country's growing tension.
November 12-18, 1918. The first Hungarian Republic On November 13, 1918, Béla Linder Minister without portfolio of the Károlyi cabinet and representatives of the Balkan Entente signed the Belgrade Armistice.
‘The Márta Mészáros Marvel’ – ‘Adoption’ at the Berlinale Classics 2019 sees yet another Hungarian participant at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival’s Berlinale Classics.
The Boys of Paul Street Colour drama, youth film, Hungary – Zoltán Fábri, 1968
The Lost Talisman Colour historical film, directed by Zoltán Várkonyi, 1968. The novel by Géza Gárdonyi was not only outright winner of the ‘Big Read’ series but the adaptation for cinema still ranks as the most popular historical film to this day. The country voted on the actors even before filming started and a whole army of extras took part in the ‘Eger castle’ battle at Pilisborosjenő.
September 10-16, 2018. Last moments of the Austrian-Hungarian connection These chronicles from 1918 were mainly covering local issues, but they were also up to date on international news. Cameramen were happy to record events representing Hungary's strong international relationships, particularly with allies.
September 3-9, 2018: Health first! A hundred years ago at the end of World War I, health and wellbeing became important issues for the general public, and evidently, journalists also picked up the topic.
August 27 – September 2. Strange Destinies Az Est News' second edition is a perfect example on how the genre's rules were changing with time. This week we are looking at an unusual report on politics, two bizarre tabloids and an exciting sports commentary from the 100 year old footages.
August 20-26. From Crystal Lake to Abbazia: late summer adventures in 1918 Az Est Film's first compilation takes us back to late summer, 1918. The war was still on, but the German army collapsed on the Western front in early August.
Zoltán Fábri 100 ‒ Collection III. The third collection in the oeuvre series marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of Zoltán Fábri is a selection of his films from the 1970s, on six discs and featuring many extras: Ants’ Nest, The Unfinished Sentence, The Fifth Seal, Hungarians, Bálint Fábián Meets God, Bonus features.
Time Stands Still Drama, Hungary, directed by Péter Gothár, 1981. The most impactful cult movie in Hungarian film history; with audio commentary by Gábor Gelencsér, author of the book on Péter Gothár.
Sir Alexander Korda, the charismatic film mogul UK film historians are unanimous in declaring that no other British movie producer enjoyed the unique mix of power, personality and imagination that made Sir Alexander Korda one of the world’s most respected and charismatic film moguls.
The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man – Silent film from 1914 brought back to life A long-forgotten photo album preserving scene stills of the film featuring young Hungarian aristocrats was brought back to life, and through this an 10-minute fragment of the originally 50-minute-long film has been reconstructed from stills.
Compromising Cats 1979, Language: Hungarian, 7’; Screening: 09.09, 17.00, Uránia National Film Theatre
Symphonie de Budapest 1932, France, Language: French, Subtitle: Hungarian (15’); Screening: 09.08, 20.00, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem
Ruritania! Roundtable discussion, Toldi mozi
Hrvoje Laurenta Zagreb Film Festival, Zagreb, 04.09, 11.00, French Institut
Enrica Serrani Cineteca Bologna, 04.09. 11.00, French Institut
Alain Bergala Cinémathèque française, Paris, 04.09. 09.20, French Institut
Creative partnerships then and now – From script to winning 4 Academy Awards: Fanny and Alexander Katinka Faragó and Viktória Petrányi discuss trust and success in a producer’s life. 05.09. 18.30 Toldi mozi – Kisterem
Georges Mourier Cinémathèque française,, French Institute
Andor von Barsy Lecture by: Mark Paul Meyer, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam
Serge Bromberg Lobster's Laboratory, 09.07, 14.30 Uránia National Film Theatre
Agata Sotomska National Film Archive, Warsaw, 04.09. 11.00, French Institut
Stefan Drössler Director of the Film Museum, Munich.
3-D Is Coming to This Theater! Lecture by Stefan Drössler, director of the Munich Filmmuseum.
The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man Lecture by Enikő Löwensohn.
Napoléon of Abel Gance Lecture by Georges Mourier;, French Institute
That Lady in Ermine 1948, USA, Language: English, Subtitle: Hungarian (89'); Screening: 09.06, 20.00, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem
Moszkva Square 2001, Hungarian, Language: Hungarian, Subtitle: English, 88'; Screening: 09.07, 19.30, Open-air screening, Szent István Square, FREE ENTRY Q&A with cast & crew members
Mind the Steps! Vigyázat lépcső!, Gems of the Hungarian animation, 1989 (5’); Screening: 09.08, 11.30, Toldi Cinema, Nagyterem