The Archive’s film periodical has been published since 1960; until 1996 in print format, and from 1996 to the present day in online format. We keep a copy of every edition.

The specialist periodical of the Film Archive launched as an in-house publication in 1960. Its golden age began in 1965, when it changed both in form and content; it appeared bi-monthly and at its highpoint sold 10 000 copies. Editor in chief Yvette Bíró imitated European journals such as Cahiers du Cinéma and Sight and Sound. It analysed (together with essays from distinguished figures of the social sciences and arts) the situation and trends of domestic and international film culture, taking a critical and progressive approach on the basis of a set of values that differed from the official standpoints. The journal was condemned in a party resolution in 1972, and Yvette Bíró emigrated first to Paris (1976) and then the USA. An editorial committee took over control of the publication. From 1993, the periodical has been published in a new format under the editorship of Iván Forgács. In April 1996, the print version was closed, and Filmkultúra (Film Culture) became the first Hungarian online cultural periodical.

Filmkultúra online

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Content of the issues of 1960-1964

Bibliographical description of the issues between 1965-1995

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