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Each DVD in our film history series is digitally restored, with English subtitles, accessibilized and given extras. Our publications can be purchased in the bookshops of LIBRI, LIRA, Új Könybarát and ANIMA Könyv, larger bookshops (Írók Boltja, Fókusz Líra Könyváruház, Örkény bookshop), and other select bookshops; in Média Markt outlets; selected supermarkets (Tesco and Auchan) as well as food store chains (Aldi, Lidl, Interspar) and webshops such as Xpress or Bookline.

Recommended retail prices:

Merry-Go-Round (Single) 1990 Ft
Professor Hannibal 1990 Ft
Love (2 disc Edition) 3990 Ft
Collected works of Attila Dargay (5 DVDs) 7 990 Ft
Zoltán Fábri Collected Works I. (5 DVDs) 7 990 Ft
Pócspetri (2 Disc Edition) 2990 Ft
Somewhere in Europe (2 Disc Edition) 4 990 Ft
Hyppolit, the Butler 990 Ft 
Men and Banners  990 Ft 
From Lilies of the Valley to the Fall of Leaves 990 Ft 
Pom-Pom Tales I. 990 Ft 
Pom-Pom Tales II. 990 Ft 
The Man with the Golden Touch 990 Ft 
The Corporal and the Others  990 Ft 
Sindbad  990 Ft 
The Witness 990 Ft 
That Lovely Green Grass 990 Ft 
Mattie, the Goose-Boy 990 Ft 
Vuk 990 Ft
Psyché (3 DVDs) 4 990 Ft 

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